PT. Golden Grow International provides services which is a wrapper Spiritual Products Services Product Tour Package as a lifestyle, and Education Products and Products Services Training for a good attitude will create the spiritual good.

  • Voucher $125

    Enjoy special amenities package of Umrah / Holly Tour and other tour packages, both domestic and foreign trips by using a voucher $ 125 that serves as a Cost Reduction Travel Package valued below Rp. 25.000.000

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  • Voucher $250

    Offset the cost of the Haji trip or Holly Tour you by using the voucher $ 250 that serves as a Cost Reduction Travel Package valued at over Rp. 25.000.000

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  • Asuransi Bumiputera

    Self protection for your active every day, a complete protection from hospitalization, death or injury from insurance that has been trusted for decades.

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  • Discount Pass

    Discount facilities at various tourist attractions and shopping even dozens of merchants is a link from Golden Grow International, facilitate your activities when traveling.

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  • Golden Mind Activation (GMA)

    With the training in the science of middle brain activation, this "sleeping brain" can be tapped and children who have undergone the process of activation training shall possess the power to achieve a balance in the usage of their left and right brain. Balance stage in the child's brain development will increase the child's concentration, recall This or remembering function and creativity. Visit GMA Website